2016 Events

Date EventDistanceLocationRegister
Apr-23SatThe Tommy Ten Miler and the Daffodil Dash 5k10 miles / 5kLewes, DERegister
Apr-23Sat3rd Mount Harmon Plantation
Earth Day XC 5k
5kEarleville, MDRegister
Apr-24Sun2nd Prestige Academy “We Run The City” 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-24SunActive Minds 5k
Not a Races2Run Event
5kNewark, DERegister
Apr-28ThuLt. Joseph Szczerba Memorial 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-30Sat2nd Stop, Drop & Run 5k5kLewes, DERegister
Apr-30Sat20th Race Against Domestic Violence 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-30SatRed Clay for Mission 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-30SatTrail Dogs Triple Crown
Not a Races2Run Event
26.2m / 13.1m
10k / 5k
Newark, DERegister
May-1Sun4th Big Fish Grill 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
May-1Sun7th DOCF Teal Ribbon 5k
Run-Walk to Fight Ovarian Cancer
5kWilmington, DERegister
May-7SatPaws For Life inc. May Day 5k and 2 Mile Fun Dog Walk5kChesapeake City, MDRegister
May-7SatDelaware Marathon Running Festival 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-8Sun13th Discover Bank Delaware Marathon Running Festival26.2m / 13.1m
Wilmington, DERegister
May-14Sat2nd John M. Scharp Geck-Go
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
May-14SatFreedom from Seizures 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-14SatGirls on the Run 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-15SunInaugural Milton Fire Department Memorial 5k5kMilton, DERegister
May-18Wed3rd Race for Recovery 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-21SatInaugural Rehoboth Run-for-the-Books 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
May-21Sat4th Annual Milk Run 5k5kMiddletown, DERegister
May-21SatGirls on the Run 5k Dover5kDover, DE
May-22Sun7th DE-feet Breast Cancer 5k & 1 Mile Walk5k / 1 mileRehoboth Beach, DERegister
May-22Sun5th Miles for the Mounted Patrol XC 5k Run/Walk5kWilmington, DERegister
May-22SunSt. Peter Cathedral School 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-25WedWilmington Police Dept. 125th Anniversary 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
May-26ThuFallen Heroes 5k Run/Walk
Not a Races2Run Event
5kNew Castle, DERegister
May-30Mon14th Highway One Pictures 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Jun-4SatPurple Stride Delaware 20165kWilmington, DERegister
Jun-4Sat2nd 3rd Wave Brewing 5k5kDelmar, DERegister
Jun-4Sat4th Carnival Kick Off 5K Run/Walk5kWilmington, DERegister
Jun-4SatInaugural Beach Goes Blue 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
Jun-5SunDewey Color Run
Ten Sisters Series Race
2.8 milesDewey Beach, DERegister
Jun-5Sun8th Blue Hen Reunion Weekend 5k5kNewark, DERegister
Jun-7Tue8th Kearns 5k Spirit Run for Independence5kNewark, DERegister
Jun-11Sat2nd Annual Red White & Brew 5k Run/Walk5kMilford, DERegister
Jun-11Sat26th The Westside Way Superhero 5k/10k10k / 5kWilmington, DERegister
Jun-12Sun2nd Made Ya Look! Salon & Spa 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
Jun-12Sun37th St. Anthony's Italian Festival 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Jun-15Wed10th B+ 5K Fighting Childhood Cancer5kWilmington, DERegister
Jun-19SunInaugural Hero's for Animals 5k5kHockessin, DERegister
Jun-25Sat8th Chesapeake City Canal Race 5k5kChesapeake City, MDRegister
Jun-26Sun15th North Beach 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Jul-3Sun13th Outlet Liquors at the Rusty Rudder 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Jul-4Mon31st Firecracker 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Jul-4MonRed, White and Blue 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DE
Jul-6Wed8th Delaware Hospice 5k5kMilford, DERegister
Jul-9Sat7th Kelly J. Fritchman Memorial 5k5kLewes, DERegister
Jul-10Sun10th Dewey Beach Liquors at the Rudder 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Jul-15FriInaugural Middletown Mile
Not a Races2Run Event
1 MileMiddletown, DERegister
Jul-16SatWear Your Wish Riverfront Run5kWilmington, DERegister
Jul-20Wed2nd Camp Dreamcatcher 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Jul-21ThuCorporate Fun Run Delaware5kWilmington, DERegister
Jul-23Sat14th The Ivy College Day 5k and Kiddie K
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Jul-23SatMispillion Fitness Doggie Dash 5k at Mispillion River Brewing5kMilford, DERegister
Jul-24Sun4th Running with the Pigs at Cecil County Fair 5k5kFairhill, MDRegister
Jul-24SunLiberty 5k at Blue Earl Brewing5kSmyrna, DERegister
Jul-27Wed11th Wilmington Games 5k5kWilmington, DE
Jul-31Sun14th Dewey Beach Patrol 10k / 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
10k / 5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Aug-6Sat7th DE Kids Fund 5k5kNewport, DERegister
Aug-6SatGift of Life 3rd Annual Delaware Donor Dash5kWilmington, DE
Aug-7SunBest Buddies 5k5kDewey Beach, DE
Aug-13Sat10th Henrietta Johnson Run for Kids Health 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Aug-13SatKids Fund 5k at Que Pasa5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Aug-14Sun8th Annual Greene Turtle Run 10k / 5k10k / 5kLewes, DERegister
Aug-19Fri2nd Running of the Goat 5k5kMilford, DERegister
Aug-20Sat3rd Breast Fest 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Aug-24WedInaugural Franks Wine Mile
Not a Races2Run Event
1 MileWilmington, DERegister
Aug-27Sat5th James Faucett Sickle Cell 5k5kWilmington, DE
Sep-4Sun4th Summer’s End 5k
Ten Sisters Series Race
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Sep-10Sat40th Gary P. Lister
Bottle & Cork Ten Miler / 5k

Ten Sisters Series Race
10 miles / 5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Sep-10Sat3rd Run 4 Recovery 5k5kBel Air, MD
Sep-10SatBell Run 5k5kWilmington, DE
Sep-14Wed6th Women's Race for the Pink Ribbon 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Sep-17SatRonald McDonald House 5k5kLewes, DE
Sep-17Sat10th Nun Run 5k5kNewark, DE
Sep-17SatMispillion River Brewing Zombie Fest 5k5kMilford, DE
Sep-17Sat20th Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon
Not a Races2Run Event
1/2m swim
16m bike
3.45m run
Dewey Beach, DERegister
Sep-18Sun9th Moving for Melanoma 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Sep-21Wed8th Cindy Foundation Ovarian Cancer Research 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Sep-24SatSchool for the Deaf 5k5kNewark, DE
Sep-24Sat10th AHEPA Olympic 5k5kWilmington, DE
Sep-24Sat25th Eagle National Bank 5k to Fight Cancer5kDrexel Hill, PA
Sep-24SatInaugural Take Steps 5k & 1 Mile Walk5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
Sep-25Sun8th Saint Francis Foundation 5k5kWilmington, DE
Sep-TBA2nd Mispillion River Brewing Zombie 5k5kMilford, DE
Oct-1Sat3rd Greene Turtle Rehoboth 5k5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
Oct-1Sat8th Pearls of Hope 5k5kWilmington, DE
Oct-2SunIndian River 5k5kSelbyville, DE
Oct-2Sun3rd Cowtown Ten Miler10 milesSalem, NJRegister
Oct-2SunCaffe Gelato Ten Miler & 2 Mile Walk10 miles
2 miles
Newark, DE
Oct-5Wed9th Del Tech Alumni and Friends 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Oct-8SatDewey Goes Pink 5k5kDewey Beach, DE
Oct-8SatInaugural Wilmington High School Reunion 5k5kWilmington, DE
Oct-9Sun7th Ostrich 5k5kWilmington, DE
Oct-9Sun34th Delaware Distance Classic 15k / 5k15k / 5kDelaware City, DE
Oct-15Sat8th Run for the Buds10k / 5k / 1kWilmington, DERegister
Oct-15Sat3rd Eternal Rest 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Oct-15SatInaugural Ashley Nicole Furio Fund for the Beach House 5k5kLewes, DE
Oct-16Sun4th Annual 5k & Kids Run for Gray5kWilmington, DERegister
Oct-16SunWALK With Me & RUN For Us 5k!5kLong Neck, DERegister
Oct-16SunSoarin' Seahawk 5k5kGeorgetown, DE
Oct-22Sat21st Smith McMillan Memorial 5k Run/Walk5kWilmington, DE
Oct-22Sat3rd Together Brandywine School District Can Make a Difference 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Oct-22Sat2nd Heart of Hope 5k5kNewark, DE
Oct-23SunRun Inspired 10k10kGreenville, DERegister
Oct-29Sat2nd Great Pumpkin Run 5k5kNewark, DE
Oct-30SunScott Mackler Memorial 5k5kNewark, DE
Oct-tba4th Oktoberfest 5k5kOxford, PA
Oct-tba4th ZERO Prostate 5k5kWilmington, DE
Nov-5SatInaugural Hope for a Better Tomorrow Community Walk & 5k for Suicide Prevention5kNewark, DE
Nov-6Sun5th Kiss Family & Friends 5k Run/Walk for Cancer5kWilmington, DERegister
Nov-19Sat44th Newark Turkey Trot10k / 5kNewark, DE
Nov-24Thu38th PNC Bank Run Walk for MS10k / 5kWilmington, DE
Nov-24ThuGabby Gobble 5k5kLewes, DE
Nov-27SunInaugural Creating Confidence in Kids 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Dec-10SatInaugural 5k for Champions and Running for a Claus 5k5kDelaware City, DE
Past Events
Jan-1Fri5th Hair Of The Dog 10k / 5k10k / 5kBethany Beach, DERegister
Jan-1FriChesapeake City New Years Day 5k Run/Walk5kChesapeake City, MDRegister
Jan-10Sun40th Mayor's Icicle Ten Miler10 MilesWilmington, DERegister
Feb-7Sun3rd Race on the BIG DAY 5k and 1.5m Walk5k / 1.5mWilmington, DERegister
Feb-13SatHearts for Heroes 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-6Sun33rd Siegel JCC Snowball 5 miler / 5k walk5m / 5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-13Sun17th Kelly's Logan House 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-13SunLucky Leprechaun 5k5kMilton, DERegister
Mar-19Sat12th Salesianum Blue Gold 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-20SunInaugural Youth Overcoming Obstacles 5k Run/Walk5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-26Sat5th Cherry Blossom 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Mar-26SatBunny Palooza 10k/5k10k / 5kBethany Beach, DERegister
Apr-2Sat11th Art Connolly Race Judicata 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-2SatDPR Tie Dye Run for Radio5kRehoboth Beach, DERegister
Apr-3Sun53rd Caesar Rodney Half Marathon / 5k13.1 miles
Wilmington, DERegister
Apr-9Sat6th Annual 5K for Teri Run/Walk5kNewark, DERegister
Apr-9Sat7th Run for the Ages 10k / 5k10k / 5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-10SunThe Governor’s Race for Excellence 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-16Sat27th Ronald McDonald House of DE 5k5kWilmington, DERegister
Apr-16SatRUN THE FARM Free 5k5kCamden-Wyoming, DERegister
Apr-17SunInaugural 8th and Union Kitchen 5k5kWilmington, DERegister