-We cannot refund entry fees the week of a race.
-Bibs are non transferable unless OK’d by the race director
-Bandits are not allowed in any R2R events

Participants in Wheelchairs or Strollers

Races2Run welcomes all who would like to join the fun of a run/walk event in a wheelchair either solo, as a rider pushed by an athlete and baby strollers:

Wheelchairs (solo): if you will be racing in a wheelchair please select the “Solo Wheelchair” option on the race registration. You will receive a race bib with chip.

Riders (pushed by another athlete): if you are participating as a Rider please select the “Rider” option on race registration.  Riders will receive a race bib with NO chip and are not eligible for awards and won’t receive any race premiums.  There is NO cost for participating as a rider.  This includes both riders in an adaptive racing wheelchair AND baby strollers.

Depending on the size of the race we will determine whether to start solo and athletes with riders 2 minutes early or with all other athletes.  This will be at the discretion of the race director.  We ask baby stroller participants to start on the sides or back of the starting line for the safety of other participants.  Please note that some of our events are not on roads but trails.  We will make the call if we think your participation would be a safety concern.  Riders are welcome to join the post race party but they do not receive race premiums.  We always like to see children in baby strollers wearing helmets for their own safety.

We ask that you contact wayne@races2run.com with questions.  We look forward to having you join us.