Pump N Run


Date EventDistanceLocationResults
Jul-9Sat7th Kelly J. Fritchman Memorial 5k5kLewes, DERegister
Jul-23Sat14th The Ivy College Day 5k and Kiddie K
Pump N Run cancelled for this event
5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Aug-20Sat3rd Breast Fest 5k5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Sep-10Sat40th Gary P. Lister
Bottle & Cork Ten Miler / 5k
10 Miles / 5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Oct-8Sat6th Dewey Goes Pink 5k5kDewey Beach, DERegister
Oct-16SunInaugural Deer Park Tavern Goes Pink 5k5kNewark, DE


To participate, you must be officially registered for the associated race and be wearing your race number.  Pump & Run entry is FREE for anyone registered for the race.

The Pump & Run events are provided by an independent group of volunteers. There is no affiliation with the race staff. For that reason, the race is NOT responsible for refunds if a Pump & Run event is cancelled for any reason.

You must be at least 16 years old to participate. Anyone under 18 years of age must have written consent from parent or guardian.  You must weigh in at the Pump-N-Run area prior to lifting.

Weights used for competition:

Males 16-49 years of age – bodyweight to closest 5 lb increment

225 lbs to be lifted if ≥ 225 lbs bodyweight

Males 50- 59 years of age: 75% of bodyweight

Males 60+ years of age: 50% of bodyweight


Females 16-49 years of age – 50% of bodyweight to closest 5 lb increment

Females 50-59 years of age- 40% of bodyweight

Females 50+ years of age-30% of bodyweight

          Lowest weight to be lifted is 45 lbs, the weight of the bar.

Each bench press repetition completed deducts the corresponding number of seconds off your race time.

5K: 15 seconds/rep

5 miles/10K: 20 seconds/rep

15K/Half Marathon: 30 seconds/rep

Awards will follow the age group breakdown for the associated race.  Prizes will vary and will be posted on race morning. Pump & Run awards will be announced immediately following the race awards.